Q:  Do I need a special drivers license to drive a Class A Motor Coach.

     A:  Must be 25 years old and have valid drivers license.

Q:  Will my normal car insurance cover the RV Rental.

     A:  Normally they will not cover the RV rental due to the size and overall asset value.

     A:  Rental Agency should Carry commercial insurance.  We use MBA Insurance:

Q:  What type of fuel mileage will you get with a Class A RV?

     A:  Depending on driving conditions like traffic and hills you will normally get 6-8 mpg.

Q:  What type of electrical service will I need at a camp site?

     A:  The RV works best with 50 amp service but will work with 30 amp adaptor.

Q:  Do you offer driving lessons?

     A:  Yes we offer driving lessons to get you comfortable operating the motor coach.

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