West Atlanta RV Re‚Äčntal

Contact Mike if you are interested in renting your RV.   312-550-0818


  • Storage is provided at a secure storage facility. (Monthly storage is free as long as the unit rents out at least 1X per month)
  • Cleaning and General Maintenance is provided for your motor home or trailer each time it is rented out to a client.
  • Insurance:  Commercial Rental Insurance by MBA Insurance.  (Renters's regular motorvehicle insurance does not cover these types of vehicles).
  • Income possibilities:
    • Trailers $100-200 per day
    • Motor Coaches $200-400
  • Rental Recreational Vehicles are in big demand in the Atlanta area.  (Camping at nearby lakes, race tracks, tailgating at college or pro football games, trip to the mountains, beach camping, or cultural events throughout the Southeast.)
  • Do you have a motor home or RV trailer less than 10 years old and are looking to earn extra income from renting your unit while it is not in use?